Recently two of the AltGen team, JP & Tim, were treated to a tour of NuWater’s facility in Muizenberg, Cape Town. James Morisse, African New Business Development Executive, graciously walked them through NuWater’s operations which started with a look at the R&D lab before moving over to the assembly warehouse. It became abundantly clear throughout the tour that NuWater takes its environmental footprint seriously, and seeks to minimise the impact that its products and services may have on the local ecology. Currently, the environmental authorization process for the installation of water filtration and desalination plants is cumbersome and time-consuming, which is throttling the pace of rollout in the country. The industry is pushing for more interdepartmental collaboration and procedural clarity, to speed up the authorization process and allow clients throughout the country to benefit from this water treatment technology.

While being guided through the facility, JP and Tim had a first-hand look at the Ultra Filtration Modules which are capable of filtering a variety of input waters to potable standards. These are assembled to specification and can be designed for applications from 50m3/day to 20 000m3/day. NuWater specialises in commissioning projects as stand-alone projects or as retrofits on existing water treatment infrastructure – providing clients with a variety of options for their water treatment needs. This includes straightforward EPC and commissioning, build-own-operate-transfer, and build-own-operate – giving flexibility in terms of their financing arrangements and initial capital outlay.

NuWater prides itself on its ability to rapidly deploy water treatment containerised solutions globally, with the containerised water treatment plants providing affordable and efficient water treatment solutions which are easy to install and operate. We at AltGen are excited to see what unfolds in the water treatment space in the coming years, and how this high-potential company, NuWater, will grow in the domestic and international market as a pioneering and proudly South African business.