“The Green Mini-Grid (GMG) Facility Kenya announces the addition of €3.9 million from the European Union – Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund to provide output-based connection and investment grants to renewable energy mini-grids projects. Funding for technical assistance to mini-grid developers will also be available. AFD has secured the funding and combined with the DFID funds, this will enable the Managing Entity to support additional connections by issuing another call for proposals for green mini-grid projects in the third quarter of 2018 and extend the programme until 2020.

With the addition of the EU-AITF financing, over 100,000 Kenyans will benefit from upwards of 20,000 connections providing access to electricity in off-grid communities.

To date, the GMG Facility Kenya has provided grant funding to Powerhive, PowerGen, and RVE.Sol projects and provided technical assistance to Powerhive, RVE.Sol, and African Solar Designs. In addition, the GMG Facility has supported the sector on mini-grid market opportunities and policy framework. For information, see the report “Mapping the barriers of GMG market development / Impact of GMG on Base of the Pyramid (BoP) Markets and Social Inclusion”. The GMG Facility team of experts is currently working on additional sector assistance – 1. Partnering with financing organizations to develop financial vehicles to improve the Access to Finance in the mini-grid sector, and 2. developing Productive Use of Energy Toolkits. Reports to be published later this year.

Check back at www.gmgfacilitykenya.org for the announcement of the next call for proposals in the coming months. For more details about the GMG Facility, you may register at “GMG On-Line Platform”. We welcome your questions at contact@gmgfacilitykenya.org.”

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