AltGen has just opened a representative office in Mauritius which caters to our clients who are interested in running our payroll services throughout Africa. The newly formed entity in Africa’s business hub is registered under the name “Altgen Energy Services LTD”.

As Africa continues to be a destination of choice for renewable energy developments, the need to offer unique payroll services which enable the development, construction, operations and maintenance of energy projects is vital. Since 2012, AltGen has made a robust name for itself in the industry, offering our clients a boutique set of services within the sector. This niche service offering in a growing market has enabled us to have a privileged depth of insight and offer clients unsurpassed value in terms of recruitment, consulting, advisory, training and employment services. We understand that businesses, like individuals are unique – they have a brand, a persona – something that makes them… them – and that is why we ensure our solutions are perfectly suited and customized to their needs and their corporate vision.

We are the people who understand people, the ones who make businesses operate, the people who create organizational cultures. We provide employment assistance to allow you to do what you do best, while we cover the rest.

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