Over the past 7 years AltGen has built up an enviable track record in initially identifying transferable skills and then placing Project Managers, Project Engineers, Developers, Wind Engineers and other specialist skills in the wind and solar energy market in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, and Ethiopia.

But lately, we have started to perceive a shift in demand from traditional RE mainstream to a new type of client, most of which are involving themselves in activities behind the meter.

Tech 1: Water Manufacture. This client makes water from air. How, we can’t tell since that would be, well, telling. But we can confirm that they have a pilot project set up somewhere in Africa – and are bullish about the future of water. From the air. No boreholes, no expensive drilling, no desalination, and no need for grid power. And no more power-hungry and expensive municipal purification and pumping infrastructure to maintain.

Tech 2: Internet of Things. For the first time, we are working in the IT – Energy-Water nexus, where assets are connected, monitored, and controlled digitally, real-time.

Tech 3: Energy Storage. Batteries, batteries, and more batteries. Manufacture, sales, distribution.

Tech 4: Electrical components. We are coming across more and more SMME sized electrical equipment manufacturing and assembly companies. This is where the real value is added, in the small and medium business space.

Tech 5: 3/4PL Clients. As the component supply chains deepen so we are starting to come across a need for a one-stop-shop, for companies that provide wholesale and distribution of solar and solar associated products including panels, inverters, storage racks, cabinets, communications modules, charge controllers, and mounting systems.

This change in emphasis is a real indication of a fundamental shift in the structure of the economy in South Africa, there can be no doubt, the 4th Industrial Revolution is here.