It is our collective responsibility to turn COVID-19, tragic as it is, into an opportunity. An opportunity to recalibrate our energy system into one that is fit-for-purpose. The energy storage assembly and manufacturing market in South Africa is a quiet but very notable success story. DG installations continue to grow. And if the mythical, artificial, unnecessary, and protectionist 1MW cap could be lifted to 10MW, RE could generate 1000’s more jobs and our electricity system could be, fit-for-purpose.


To this end, AltGen will be doing its part by creating the AltGen “Tech-Talent Exchange”. The service will be FREE OF CHARGE, where we will offer renewable energy project developers and installers free access to a rapidly growing database of technicians and sales staff. The reality is that we are receiving hundreds of applications from unemployed technical skills as the economic bite of COVID-19 takes hold, and we need to assist where we can.

Salary Cap (TBC):

But we are also not going to let you eat our lunch, so there will have to be limited to access and levels of staff that we are able to accommodate requests for, and to this end, we will have to put a salary cap on the roles that we enable.

Technical Work:

As we develop the offering it will become automated and eventually move online, but for now, it’s going to be a bespoke service, so if you are a PV project installer who has installations or maintenance work or needs technical skills or if know anyone who may, please email Phillip ( and he will try and help you find the skills you need through a manual search.

Again, this service is offered willingly and freely, and we are covering the overheads internally, so there will be a (yet to be determined) wage/salary cap on the roles that we can assist with.


If you are someone with some RE experience, technical sales experience, a PV technician, or a qualified installer, please send your CV to Phillip, you can do this by completing the form by click here. Note that we are just launching this free service and we are in a job-starved environment right now, so please do not expect fireworks! And please do not necessarily expect a reply from us. We would love to connect with each and every one of you, this may just not be possible.


If there are any RE IPP’s or developers who would like to advertise for graduates or interns on the AltGen jobs page, you are welcome to do so FREE OF CHARGE, with your own logo/contact details, as you prefer.

The AltGen WWW jobs page receives 1000’s of hits every month and pulls through to a number of job aggregators and job boards so we can guarantee that you will receive plenty of traction from a job advert placed with AltGen.

We will also post your advert on our social media sites, specifically on LinkedIn, where we have close to 9,000 mostly RE-specific followers.

We have also added a “Recruit Grads and Interns” page on our website where employers can submit any openings. All advert responses will go directly to the employer, and while we will assist where we can, and will do background checks for a small fee, we will not be filtering responses on your behalf. Again, we are hoping to make this an (automated) online service in the mid-term.


We do not have any graduate or internship roles at the moment but if you load your CV as a graduate, if we get one, you will be on our list, and we will email you. To apply, follow this link!


Covid-19 has and will continue to have a devastating effect on the global and African economies. In the two primary geos within which AltGen operates, South Africa and Kenya, the fallout will be with us for years to come. Energy drives economic growth, but without economic growth, there is reduced demand for all forms of energy. But this is not a condition that will continue indefinitely.

As we deal with this existential crisis a recalibrated system will emerge, and there can be no doubt that this will be very different from the previous state of play. The oil price, for the first time in history, discovered negative territory as tankers sailing the high seas could not offload their cargo. Oil majors have slashed CAPEX expenditure. This is not a world where producers are cooperatively reducing production any longer, this is a place where oil production is grinding to a halt.

And in this, is an opportunity. We have already had glimpses of a better future. Cities that have been covered in smog for decades, can now breathe. Wildlife that was banished from the human landscape is making a tentative comeback. And this is a future powered by renewable energy. Besides the obvious health and environmental benefits, renewables are cheap, easily deployed, and reliable, especially with the addition of storage. It’s a no-brainer.