Impact investing is making strides all over the globe as people realize more frequently that in this modern age, they can have an environmental and socio-economic impact in progressively convenient ways. A remarkably innovative new fin-tech app has hit the market and AltGen got the pleasure of meeting with Koya Matsuno one of the Co-Founders. This app is set to bridge the gap between last-mile users, financing, and cleantech products and all possible at your fingertips. 

Nowala is introducing a modern and efficient solution to a problem that presents itself in many communities in the form of scalable investment technology. This technology consists of Solar Panel kits, utilizing a renewable and green energy source, that have the capacity to effectively light up a space and charge various devices.

Using an asset lending platform available on most devices, you can start by signing up and purchasing the Solar Kit and how many of them you want, and the platform will match these products with an individual/household in need in various parts of Sierra Leone, and soon across Sub-Saharan Africa. Essentially, you will be able to purchase and rent out these practical devices while easily tracking your impact and ROI. These assets are monitored and maintained by local partners possessing notable operational abilities in the relevant areas.

So, what makes this type of investment unique compared to other impact investment opportunities? That’s where the platform really comes in. You will be able to visualize the impact your product is making to a rural community household in Sierre Leone while managing your investment and financial returns at the touch of a button. As your product is used, you will earn back your investment with 5% annual interest, and once the recipient has paid the full rent, the product becomes theirs. You can withdraw your return at any time from the platform and easily purchase additional assets to be allocated, turning your meaningful investment journey into a cycle if desired.

The ambitious Koya who has a background in economics and international development found himself shifting towards finances after his studies. He and his co-founder, Kekura Musa, conceptualized this venture of small-scale investment opportunities after they spent time on the ground in Sierra Leone and Ghana. His advice to entrepreneurs out there is to develop a solution that caters to a unique problem and be certain of where the solution you’re developing is most effective and where it viably fits, and to closely collaborate with local partners and communities in the intended market, gain an understanding of that country/region and learn about the local cultures and practices.

Business ventures like these are exceptionally valuable as they not only break down the barriers for individuals and companies to use their resources to empower communities, but also offer a convenient opportunity for investors to enter the very lucrative renewable energy market without opting for the more generic crowdfunding route. Not only does this market display significant growth rates and innovative technologies, but also plays a key role in addressing the critical climate change situation the entire world finds itself in. AltGen gets the privilege of seeing firsthand the impact that the renewable energy sector and impact investing has on our economy and planet and will continue to support any such growth on various scales.

Interested in being part of this solution? You should start by visiting where you can read more about the company and its projects, along with finding the link to download the app and get your valuable investment journey underway!