The South African clean energy market is set to explode…

Did you know that you can benefit from referring top-class candidates in your network to AltGen?

Although AltGen has an extensive network of professionals in our database, we are not always in touch with awesome skills operating under the radar… and that’s where we need your help.


  • Project Developers
    • Must have experience working at wind and solar IPPs for any of the BWR’s
  • Design Engineers
    • PV (utility or rooftop solar) experience
  • Business Developers and Sales professionals
    • Must have experience working at solar C&I and/or supply and distribution companies
  • Wind Engineering
    • Must have experience in conducting project feasibility analysis and studies
  • Power Systems / Grid Studies Engineers
  • Financial Modellers
    • Must have their CFA Level 2 and experience in renewables
  • O&M Engineers
    • Must have Rooftop and/or IPP experience
  • Tailings Engineers
    • With mining experience
  • ESIA Consultants
    • With international experience
  • ESG Assurance Practitioners
  • Commercial Managers
    • For the EPC industry players


If we place a candidate within 3 months from when you referred them to us, we will reward you with R1 000,00!


It’s simple, share our qualifying South African job vacancies to your networks, get them to apply via our website and ask that they list you as their referral in the online application. Your referral candidates will need to have met the scarce skills basic criteria to qualify for the rewards.


AltGen referral rewards programme


  1. To know which of our advertised roles qualify for the programme, simply look out for jobs with the Referral Programme logo (indicated on the right).
  1. Next, share the qualifying referral job adverts with your networks and if they feel that they are a good fit, ask them to apply by completing the online application!

In the form, your referral candidate will find a field to input your details. The field is entitled “Were you referred through our Referral Programme?”

Example of the field for your contact details to be included

NB: Remember we are going to need to get in touch with you if we place your referral, so make sure they have your full name, phone number and email address on hand when they apply for the job!

  1. Once we receive the application form via we will review if your referral candidate is already on our system and send your referral candidate confirmation on if you qualify as their referral candidate. Your candidates will receive a mail from within 10 days from their application confirming the status of your referral.

Remember that the Referral Rewards Programme has a 3-month duration for you to benefit from the placement of the candidate. If we place the candidate within those 3-months for the role they have applied for, we will be in contact to reward you!


This referral programme commences on the 1st of August 2022 and will run up until the 1st of January 2023 (no rewards for placements post the 1st of January 2023 will constitute for a reward). A placement is defined as the date on which a candidate commences employment.

Payments for a referral will only be issued on payment received for the placement by our clients. Payment terms are generally 30 to 45 days from the referral candidates’ start date.

AltGen reserves the right to alter these terms at our discretion.