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The significance of “years of employment”

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The significance of “years of employment”

There are many characteristics that need to be considered when reviewing a company’s performance and contribution to its industry. The term “Years of Employment” is simply defined as the number of 12-month cycles from the start date that an individual is employed. So why is this metric significant when evaluating the impact that AltGen has had on the local and global economy?

AltGen specialises in recruitment and employment services within the renewable energy and sustainability sector, meaning that the volume of experience and jobs created within this sector will be an important indicator as to whether AltGen is having a significant socio-economic effect. To gauge this contribution it’s best to understand the company structure. There are two divisions of AltGen that contribute to the overall Years of Employment, namely AltGen Recruitment (AGR) and AltGen Employment Services (AES).

AGR has been operating for 10 years, placing candidates in the renewable energy value chain with all the global energy contenders that work in Africa.  AES employs several hundreds of staff in the Northern Cape of South Africa and offers Employment Services both locally and in Kenya. If we review the total number of years of employment that both entities have contributed, AGR has a total of 100 years of employment since 2021, and AES has contributed almost 256 years of employment since 2018. This means as a group AltGen has contributed roughly 356 years’ worth of employment to the renewable energy sector, with a current approximate growth of 300 years per annum. This metric isn’t just an important indicator of the success and growth of a business but is also an important aspect of the labour-intensive contribution AltGen makes to the renewable energy industry.

So how are the years AltGen has contributed unique compared to other recruitment or employment agencies? The answer to that is specialisation. Other firms may operate under similar business structures; however, they mostly operate on a broad spectrum and don’t have a particular sector focus. While these businesses may have a similar volume of years contributed, it is usually spread over various sectors and industries, whereas AltGen exclusively focuses on the renewable energy and sustainability sector, and therefore the total volume of Years contributed will form part of that sector. This concentrated growth is being channelled into an industry that is crucial to our world’s future health. The renewable energy industry is first and foremost a long-term solution to the effects of climate change, as well as being a source of job creation. Additionally, there has been a need in South Africa for reliable sources of energy, as traditional sources have proven to be unsustainable, and this is where renewable energy organisations and projects have played a large role in empowering local communities and businesses through sustainable energy sources.

In closing, the contribution itself of Years of Employment in any sector is an important element of socio-economic development, however through specialisation not only does the company position itself more effectively to achieve said growth but it is concentrated into the significant and valuable renewable energy industry that may change the world as we know it, and we are proud knowing we’ve contributed at least 350 years to it.

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Sean Gibson

Managing Director

“AltGen is all about effecting change, through people. With integrity, and passion”. 

Managing Director and Founder of the AltGen’ Group. Sean has played a pivotal role in steering and leading the vision and mission of AltGen, making AltGen the only highly specialist renewable energy recruitment firm operating within the renewable energy and sustainability space in Africa. Sean oversees the success of the entire group of AltGen companies.

Sean holds a Master of Philosophy in Sustainable Development from Stellenbosch University as well as an Honours degree from Rhodes University

Robert Veith

Sales Director

“Without quality and intelligent effort, there is no success and no reward.”

Joining AltGen in 2014, Robert started as a Recruitment Consultant and has since become our Recruitment Director overseeing the Recruitment and Executive Search division. Robert has extensive experience in securing talent for rare skills in the energy engineering market, including skills to the likes of Power System Engineers, SCADA Engineers, Project Developers and Electrical Engineering skills specific to design.

Through Robert’s leadership, each recruitment team is enabled to focus on their specific area of expertise, ensuring all client hiring needs are met. Through Robert’s years of dedication to sourcing and securing top talent in the industry, he has a wealth of insight into the skills market and provides our clients with a competitive advantage in a scarce skills environment enabling them to effectively execute on some of the most challenging renewable energy projects across Africa. Robert is also responsible for growth of the engineering recruitment team.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management from UNISA as well as a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering from CPUT.

Lindy Taylor

Business Development & Innovation Director

“The success of an organisation is defined by its people.”

As the Innovation & Business Development Manager, Lindy is responsible for the marketing and business development activities of AltGen. Through her big picture vision, Lindy has enabled AltGen to remain responsive in the cleantech space. She is responsible for engagements with new clients.
Lindy initially joined AltGen in 2015 and has grown into being an integral member of the senior management team. She ensures a collaborative approach with clients catering to their custom needs. Her focus is on attaining new clients, as well as handling contractual relationships with new and existing stakeholders.
Lindy holds a Bachelor’ Degree in Social Sciences from Rhodes University.

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Chris Roetz

Workforce Management Services: General Manager

“My goal is to deliver exceptional operational performance within AltGen – Northern Cape building on people, energy and sustainability”

Chris Roetz oversees AltGen’s Workforce Management division in the Northern Cape. He is responsible for the successful execution of HR advisory and management services for clients’ utility-scale projects in the region. Currently, Roetz mobilises an outsourced staff complement of over 200 employees. He also steers AltGen’s Solar Works programme in conjunction with his Pofadder based team.

Chris has 20 years of professional experience in an HR and outsourced staffing capacity within the energy environment and holds a National Diploma in Human Resource Management from UNISA.

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Muslim Janoowala

Consulting Services: Senior Consultant & Business Development Lead

“My focus is to be able to do impactful work, being in the front lines of the development sector finding solutions to safe and reliable drinking water, power and sanitation”

Muslim Janoowala drives AltGen’s consulting services arm. Muslim has 10+ years of experience in the renewable energy, water and general engineering space in Eastern Africa and has played an instrumental role in the success of AltGen consulting engagement on the AFD Green Mini-grid Programme in Kenya. His expertise caters to M&E activities, project management, impact analysis and assessments of funded water and renewable energy programmes that “enlighten” and uplift communities in rural Africa.

Muslim holds an MSc in Construction Management from Cass Business School and a Bachelor of Engineering in Architectural Environment Engineering from the University of Nottingham.

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Wiehahn de Jager

Senior Consultant & Team Lead

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”

Wiehahn de Jager has specialist recruitment expertise in the finance sector and has worked on various mandates for large international and national clients on both a retained and contingency basis. Wiehahn has gained an in-depth understanding of the professional skills operating within the capital markets, fin-tech, and green finance space, with a keen focus on talented professionals within the African context. He has a strong track record successfully working on a range of skill levels, from Directors to Analysts, with a special focus on professionals from mid-level up to Corporate Executives.

Wiehahn holds a Bachelor in Law from the University of Stellenbosch.

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Robert Slater

Senior Consultant & Team Lead

“I love to serve people and be the steppingstone between them and their dream job.”

Robert Slater is an expert in the talent acquisition of carbon management, environmental and social governance-related professionals across Africa. Robert has successfully closed mandates for clients who are focused on sourcing skills with experience in climate change, clean cooking, sustainability, and agricultural environments.

Slater cares deeply for people and the planet, he has a Life Coach Training certification from New Insights and volunteers at ON A MISSION, an NPO which enables businesses and individuals to invest in carbon offset projects. He holds an Honours Degree in Environmental Management from UNISA.

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Natascha Marais


“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. I look for people who want to change the world and introduce them to like-minded companies.”

Natascha Marais is highly skilled when it comes to sourcing those “unicorns” for our clients in the OEM, AI and technology, economic development, and legal spaces.

Natascha has proven experience in identifying and onboarding professionals to the likes of business developers, sales, and account managers as well as technical sales or software developer skills.

Marais holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Law from Pearson Institute.


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