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Find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below, but if you have a question that you can’t find the answer to,
get in touch and our team will be more than happy to provide you with an answer!
frequently asked questions frequently asked questions frequently asked questions frequently asked questions

Why choose AltGen Recruitment?2021-09-21T12:18:29+02:00

Why choose AltGen Recruitment? We have over 20 years of professional experience in end-to-end Renewable Energy and Carbon Management recruitment. When working with AltGen, we take the time to understand your company and your hiring needs. We want to ensure we find you the best candidate possible for your vacancy in the shortest possible time. We also regularly attend relevant conferences and networking events to truly become recruitment experts in the field of renewable energy in Africa. Contact us to learn more.


How do I add my CV to your database?2021-09-21T12:35:06+02:00

To add your CV to our database, please fill in the form on our CV Submission page. Please make sure you attach your CV and any relevant qualifications. Your information will then be stored in our database. Our recruiters can then refer back to your information when a suitable position becomes available.

What makes AltGen different to other recruiters?2021-10-04T13:04:30+02:00

What makes AltGen different to other recruiters? Our recruitment, employment and consulting services provide a holistic solution to our clients that encompasses the entire job lifecycle. Unlike other recruitment agencies, AltGen acts in an advisory capacity throughout the recruitment process. AltGen has a research-driven approach to the work we do. This ensures that clients benefit from receiving the right skills throughout their engagement with us. In addition, we provide a quality-focused service offering. AltGen represents companies well as we take the time to understand our clients deeply.

Will AltGen Recruitment send my CV to clients without letting me know?2021-11-30T15:01:01+02:00

No, of course not! AltGen is complaint with the POPIA and GDPR regulations. This means we can’t and won’t send your information to our clients without receiving permission from you to do so. It’s important for us to know if you have been submitted for the same vacancy by another recruitment agency. View our Privacy Policy and POPI Policy.


What job functions and technologies do you recruit for?2021-11-30T15:02:18+02:00

AltGen Recruitment serves a variety of job functions including administration, sales and business development, project development and construction, finance and investment, operations and maintenance. Technologies include wind and solar energy, hydro, carbon consulting, and storage. Our goal is to provide you with a smooth, pain-free way to find the best fit for your company. If you would like to find out more, click here to get in touch.

Why don’t you display the client names on the job ads?2021-11-30T15:44:29+02:00

We provide our clients with a premium recruitment service. This could be when their internal capacity doesn’t allow them to effectively manage the recruitment process. Or their expansion requires a level of privacy from competitors in the market. For that reason, AltGen acts as the representative on behalf of the client to undergo their recruitment activities. Click here to view our jobs.

What countries do you offer recruitment services to?2021-11-30T15:02:45+02:00

AltGen Recruitment largely recruits for roles based in South Africa. However, we have extensive experience providing recruitment services throughout Africa. We currently have offices based in South Africa, Kenya and Mauritius with an office in the UK in the works! AltGen is actively growing our talent base and services to extend to the European market. Get in touch to find out how we can assist with your recruitment needs.

What happens after I apply for a job on your website?2021-11-30T15:45:13+02:00

Once you apply for a job, our CV and any other documents you submitted will go through to the recruiter working the specific role. They will then work through it to make sure it matches the requirements of the job. If you meet all the requirements, our recruiters will be in touch with you. We will start the process of submitting you to our client once we have your permission. If you do not hear back from us within 10 days, you can consider your application unsuccessful but continue to keep your eye on our job board and our LinkedIn page as something suitable may become available! Apply for a job

How long does the recruitment process take from initial contact to the hired candidate’s first day?2021-11-30T15:03:26+02:00

We can’t provide you with an exact answer.  The length of time largely depends on the available candidates and a client’s recruitment process. However, once we have conducted our job analysis with you and our T&C’s have been signed, it typically takes us a few days to find candidates and evaluate their suitability for your vacancy. You will receive between 3-5 strong profiles from us. Interviews can take place once you’ve shortlisted the preferred candidates. It is vital that we work collaboratively for a smooth, quick, and effective recruitment process.  We do our best to ensure you have the best candidate for your vacancy at the end of our engagement. To find out more about our process, click here.

I keep applying for jobs I think I am great for but don’t seem to pass the screening process, why is this so?2021-11-30T15:46:01+02:00

AltGen does not always stipulate the full requirements of the role for various reasons. Thus, our requirement team will carefully screen all applicants in accordance with the client’s full scope of requirements. AltGen ensures that our clients only receive the topmost suited candidates. Therefore, we are not always able to submit all professionals who apply. Click here to view our current vacancies.

Is AltGen Recruitment POPI and GDPR compliant?2021-11-30T15:04:33+02:00

Yes. Here at AltGen, we take our responsibility to user’s personal data and privacy very seriously and ensure all our policies and procedures are POPI and GDPR compliant. You will never receive a candidate’s CV from us without the said candidate’s permission. View our Privacy Policy and POPI Policy.

Can you guarantee me a job?2021-09-23T11:07:49+02:00

Can you guarantee me a job? Unfortunately not as the job market can be volatile. However, apply for any job that you meet the requirements of as this will bring our recruiters attention to you. Alternatively, submit your CV through our website to add it to our database for our recruiters to refer to. Can you guarantee me a job?

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