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We support people and organisations to survive at this time of volatility and disruption.  Some say that we face an unprecedented global predicament, whether our perspective is informed by economics or geopolitics, mental health concerns or environmental dis-ease.  Many of our organisations are creaking under the weight of market expectation, retrenchment, financial constraints and demands for exponential growth.

In such environments, our work is typically to gear people and institutions up for survival.  We often operate against the emotionally-charged backdrop of restructuring and business turnaround, supporting people and systems through the inevitable anxiety, opportunism, uncertainty and change.  At these times, we tackle the dynamics of internal competitiveness, alliances and cliques, mistrust and political manoeuvring.  We troubleshoot and solve tricky relational problems, between individuals and in teams, which are often exacerbated by a climate of stress and ambiguity.

As trained therapists and coaches, we are also equipped to diagnose and work with some of the more difficult leadership and organisational pathologies including narcissism, sociopathy, depression and anxiety.  Our interventions dissolve conflicts, align groups, shift cultures and, ultimately, equip people to survive under extreme personal and professional conditions.

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