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Renewable Energy and sustainability are cornerstones to the history of AltGen, both run through our veins and breathe life to our vision and mission. Our team has found a home in effecting change through people, we understand that people make the brand – it’s these people who are the ambassadors and pioneers that awaken the potential for growth.

AltGen exists in the nexus between energy-related projects and people - Jobs. Since the development of the renewable energy market in Africa, the AltGen team have actively recruited and deployed the best skills and expertise in the industry on a global scale. We are ever-evolving. We have incorporated consulting and employment services into our service offering - understanding how each feed added value into the next, providing a holistic solution for our clients. We are the career visionaries and advisers, we provide long-lasting and positive relationships between clients and candidates, matching corporate cultures to personalities, expertise as well as experience.

Where others see atypical recruitment, we see innovative solutions which generate long-term investments. We go over and beyond, we are the difference. We make a point of raising the bar and developing careers which facilitate access to affordable clean energy. Our goal is to raise industry standards and enable more effective climate change mitigation projects through the support of passionate and talented individuals. As AltGen rapidly expands into the global market, we hope to take you on this journey with us.

Together, the ability to amount for the difference we make is measurable, it's tangible and real.

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