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Noblesfontein has committed to a 20-year contract with the Department of Energy (DOE), to generate electricity and supply it directly to the national grid. Central to this contract is the obligation to invest in the socio-economic (“SED”) and enterprise development (“ED”) of Victoria West.

The social investment obligation derives generally from the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), which creates a defined framework as well as the system by which such investments are to be recognised and monitored by the DOE.

More specifically, because of the requirement for a locally responsive social investment strategy, Noblesfontein’s obligations derive from the needs, requirements and priorities of its host community. Noblesfontein, therefore, seeks to surface the voices of community members, drawing them in not only as beneficiaries but as co-constructors of their own social investment strategy.

 We, as Noblesfontein, wanted to understand the needs of the local community before investing in socio-economic and enterprise development initiatives. An assessment was therefore conducted by surveying 226 people in the community of Victoria West.

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