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African emerging economies are facing major challenges in reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals, amongst which Goal 7 "Affordable and Clean Energy" is of very high importance. On the African continent, over 700 million people live without access to reliable and safe electricity. Sustainable Power Generation (Pty) Ltd. was founded in 2016 with the goal to respond to this need with high quality, decentralized and modular sustainable energy solutions using clean gaseous fuels and solar PV technology.

Made of world-class components, our solutions are designed and manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa, a leading logistics hub with major shipping lines connecting us to the world and excellent road network into the Sub-Saharan region.

Acknowledging the different contexts in which our customers operate, we formed two separate divisions: SustainPower our gas-to-power division and SustainSolar, our solar PV solutions division, each focusing on their respective technology and relevant market expertise to provide the best service to our decentralized energy clients across the continent.

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