Applying science to develop, construct and operate better wind energy projects around the world
  • Unit 3, Demar Square, 45 Bell Crescent Road, Westlake, Cape Town 7945, South Africa
  • 16 Mar 2022

Company Information

Windlab is a global renewable energy development company. Windlab owns and exclusively utilises this suite of industry best practice tools to identify and efficiently develop, finance, construct and operate high quality wind farms around the world, with considerably greater certainty and substantially less risk. Our portfolio of high quality wind farm development sites totaling 7,406 MW of potential capacity across Australia, New Zealand and Southern Africa.  Windlab has completed the development of 1,093 MW of capacity across these regions. These projects are either currently under construction or are amongst the best operating projects in their respective markets.

Windlab East Africa (WEA) and Windlab Developments South Africa  (WDSA) are subsidiaries of Windlab Limited, headquartered in Australia. Windlab specialises in the identification, development, implementation and operation of utility-scale wind and hybrid (wind, solar and battery) projects. WEA is based in South Africa (Cape Town) with regional offices in Kenya (Nairobi) and Tanzania (Dar es Salam), and business activities across Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia. WDSA is based in South Africa (Cape Town). Windlab Africa is a growing entity which is developing a large portfolio of wind and hybrid renewable energy projects (largely greenfield projects) across the East African region, while WDSA remains focused on developing projects and growing the portfolio of assets in South Africa

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