In an increasingly digital world, the protection of personal data has become a key concern for almost every industry across the globe, particularly those that actively hold on to an individual’s personal data. As a specialized recruitment company, we engage with you – our clients and candidates – and your personal data, on a daily basis. We respect your privacy. Any information we keep is used for our recruitment purposes only and is not used for selling in any shape or form. Our data protection policy is in compliance with both the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).


Our consultants collect and store your personal information when you interact with our website, or, as a candidate or client, request our recruitment services. We collect information in writing, by telephone, email, and online applications or subscriptions.

Personal information of yours that we hold may include:

  • Name
  • ID number
  • Physical address
  • Email addresses
  • Phone number
  • IP address
  • Your CV
  • Your tertiary qualification
  • A copy of your payslip
  • Credit information
  • Criminal records


We keep and use your information in order to:

  • Provide you with information and manage services that you have asked for
  • Process job applications
  • Keep a record of your relationship with us
  • Notify you of the changes or updates to our services
  • Send you communications which you’ve requested and that may be of interest to you
  • We may disclose your information to third parties to achieve purposes set out in this policy
  • Compile internal intelligence around such things as salary benchmarking, skills and educational trends. In these cases, it is a collection of information and nothing of a personal nature is passed on
  • For marketing communications (job adverts and updates) via email. You have the choice to opt-out at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the end of our emails


  • When we pass on your information to our third-party organizations (our clients), we do so for completing tasks and services on your behalf (for example, sending your “AltGen formatted” CV to the relevant client). When we use these third parties, we only disclose the personal information that is necessary to deliver our services. Our contracts with our clients require them to keep your information secure and prevent them from using it for their own marketing purposes.
  • Other third parties we may share your details with include MIE verification in order to process checks prior to employment.


Sourcing for candidates online is an essential function for our organization as a specialized recruitment agency. We have a legitimate interest in processing your personal data. At AltGen we are mindful of personal privacy rights, and when sourcing online we ensure that we:

  • Intend to contact the candidates that we find
  • Plan to contact the candidates as soon as possible
  • Only collect the data that we need
  • Obtain data lawfully


  • We hold your information for no longer than necessary for which the purpose of our recruitment services requires your information
  • If, for example, we do not use your information for a specific job role for which you applied, we may store and retain your personal details for future roles for which you may be suitable


  • We do not sell any of your personal data
  • At AltGen we respect your privacy rights and provide you with reasonable access to the personal data that you may have provided us. If you wish to delete any information about you that we may have obtained, you may contact us, and we will delete any reference to you from our database


As AltGen, we are guided by and adhere to the General Data Protection Regulations of the EU and the POPI Act (Act No. 4 of 2013).

  • We do not print or otherwise retain any physical records on any of our candidate’s or client’s information
  • We use cloud-based systems with secure user-only access
  • AltGen employees receive training on the confidentiality legislation of the various jurisdictions within which they operate
  • Each staff member of AltGen is required to sign a “Confidentiality of Information Addendum” detailing the necessary legislative requirements as an integrated part of their employment contracts
  • Our “Terms and Conditions of Business”, signed by every client, have a confidentiality clause attached and refer to the necessary legislative requirements
  • All AltGen CV’s and Video Interviews as well as other email correspondence are emailed with a legal reference to confidentiality


AltGen’s communication tool is Microsoft Office 365 (MS365). MS365 has the best available encryption and access is password protected. It is also monitored by AltGen Administrators.

The AltGen Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, is an internally developed system called the “AltGen Talent Exchange”. The CRM is located on secure servers by well-known hoster Xneelo. Xneelo provide excellent physical and virtual security with generator, UPS and battery back up and several layers of server protection, details of which can be found here: Xneelo

Laptops use Windows Firewall and AV threat protection and are only used as Clients to the CRM.


No client or candidate information may be used, stored, or destroyed without the candidate or client’s direct consent and the legal penalties for the unauthorized dissemination of information are severe. As a consequence, we remind both candidates and clients on a continuous basis through all our media and communication channels, of the importance of keeping all information confidential, in compliance with the relevant legislation within the territories that AltGen operates, including the EU GDPR.

View updated Privacy Policy: 20th March 2021

To view AltGen Employment Services PTY (LTD)’s PAIA Manual, click here. To learn more about AltGen’s POPI Policy, click here.

View AltGen’s Legal Opinion on the Processing of Job Applicants Personal Data: 25th February 2021