Green mini-grid programme

The objective of the Green Mini-Grid (GMG) programme is the: “roll out of approximately 15 GMG projects that are sustainable and will provide 500 000 rural Kenyans with access to reliable green electricity for the first time”. To this end, the UK, through its Department for International Development (DFID), allocated £30m to support mini-grid project development and private investment in Kenya.

Agence Française de Développement (AFD) was selected as the implementing partner with a managing entity (IED of France) appointed to administer the investments grants and technical assistance facilities made available to support GMG market development. To provide internal support to AFD, a Supervisory Consultant was appointed to ensure effective day to day supervision and management of the programme, timely delivery of quality outputs, and the positive visibility of the programme, ensuring maximum positive impacts for all stakeholders. In late 2016 AltGen Kenya LTD was appointed to provide the Supervisory Consultant to AFD, a relationship that is ongoing and has resulted in effective collaboration with AFD that has challenged several claims put to the program, highlighted multiple risks and ensured an effective, honest and collaborative atmosphere of cooperation prevails between all stakeholders.

The GMG program has effectively delivered power to several communities and continues to roll out further projects. It is on track to deliver on its mandate.

GMG Facility in Lake Turkana, Kenya