What to Expect When Working with a Recruiter

Searching for a job can be a daunting process. With a competitive job market, having a degree from a top-tier university and a sparkling CV with glowing references won’t necessarily ensure you’ll get asked for an interview. So now what? You’ve tried everything from searching for jobs online, to reaching out to your network and approaching companies to find out if they’re hiring in hopes of landing a job. However, there may be one option you haven’t thought of – working with a recruiter or recruitment company to help you find the right role! You might hesitate to follow through with this option as you’re not sure what to expect, but that’s why AltGen is here to provide some clarity on the matter! Firstly, what does a recruiter actually do? Recruiters are hired by companies to assist with their hiring needs and help fill a vacancy which the client might not have the necessary resources or capacity to fill on their own. Recruiter’s source, screen and connect companies with top talent. Recruiters should also take the time to understand you as a candidate to ensure that they place you in the best role possible for your career growth. Secondly, it’s important to know the industry you’re aiming to enter to ensure you find a recruitment company who specializes in that industry. Working with a recruiter who specializes in recruitment in the medical industry won’t help you land a job in the finance industry. Here at AltGen, our recruitment team focuses on the Renewable Energy and Sustainability industry. From the recruitment of CEOs to Senior Project Developers and Financial Modelers right through to Engineers, we have recruited for a wide spectrum of vacancies within the Renewable Energy and Cleantech Industry. Once you’ve found the suitable recruiter to help you with your job search, you’ll want to ensure your CV and LinkedIn are up to date. Your recruiter won’t be able to find you a suitable role if previous work experience is missing from your CV. Also ensure your skills are listed, don’t shy away – your CV is a tool to help sell yourself as the ideal candidate and that’ll help your recruiter know what sort of position, you’ll be perfectly suited to. Next, your recruiter will take some time to get to know you, what your career goals are and where your interests lie. All of the questions they ask you is with the goal of understanding you better as person and in essence enabling them to map out your career trajectory. Once your recruiter knows you well, they can more accurately match you to the right company. When a position that matches your skillset and experience becomes available, your CV will then be sent to the client by your recruiter. The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act that came into play in South Africa in July 2021, and you should always know who is representing you and what information they are sharing with who! AltGen Recruitment will never send your CV to a company without your permission. It is important that you make sure the recruiter you’re working with is POPIA compliant to avoid your CV and information being shared without your knowledge. If client is interested in you for their vacancy and wants to interview you, your recruiter will guide you through this process. Our recruiters at AltGen take you through an interview preparation process to help ensure you are as ready as you can be for your interview and to ensure you nail it! After successfully completing the interview process and the company is ready to offer you employment, your recruiter will guide you through the job offer stage and assist during the negotiation stages. One of the many benefits to having a recruiter help you with job hunting is they guide you through each step along the way. Searching for a job, especially if you have not been on the job market for a length of time, can leave you with a lot of uncertainty, and while using a recruitment company like AltGen doesn’t guarantee you a job, it definitely increases your chances as you are exposed to the company’s network of clients in the industry. It is your recruiters’ duty to act as your career advisor and representative. If you have any questions for us, have a look at our FAQ’s or get in touch with us at careers@altgen.com