Review of HIV/aids related activities implemented as part of the independent power producers (IPPs) socio-economic development (SED) investment

As a part of its social compact commitment, the GIZ has mainstreamed HIV into its activities, and as such has a compliance obligation to produce “one good practice document on the HIV-related measures in the renewable energy sector”.

The report sought to be this good practice document. As background, a review was conducted of the HIV related socio-economic development initiatives implemented by the various IPP’s, with interviews and site visits being held with several of them, in order to gain a broader picture of what was being done to mainstream HIV/AIDS in RE in South Africa.

Local and international HIV/AIDS best practice was investigated and a local renewable energy-specific best-practice set of recommendations was collated. Comparisons were then drawn between the current HIV/AIDS practices in RE in South and benchmarked practices. The conclusion of the project was that HIV/AIDS initiatives in RE in South Africa vary widely in approach, method and meaning, and in a significant number of IPPs there is little or no HIV/AIDS engagement.