IRP barriers in wind and support through wind energy training, skills and capacity development

The project entailed (1) the development of a detailed stakeholder matrix to identify key players in the South African wind energy industry, specifically in the field of training and skills development, (2) conducting an inclusive workshop that facilitated discussion and collaboration around identifying possible training and skills development interventions, and (3) ultimately providing a revised set of outputs and activities for the SAWEP2 programme in sufficient detail to form the basis of the development of new terms of references. When carrying this project, the South African wind energy industry had been on hiatus for over two years.

The Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers (REIPP) had stalled, and much of the institutional support for and interest in wind-based technical RE training had been on the decline. The emphasis thus shifted toward implementing training in the socio-economic sphere, which on the investigation was revealed to be devoid of institutional support and engagement being limited to project-specific compliance-based reporting by lenders, project owners and independent SED service providers.

Ultimately AltGen recommended that no training take place until the framework conditions for SED specific training were addressed.