SARETEC Completes Training

SARETEC Completes Training for the Second Group of WInd Turbine Technicians.

The South Africa Renewable Energy Training Centre (SARETEC), the first renewable energy training centre in Africa, wrapped up 2016 by completing the theoretical and practical training for the second group of wind turbine service technicians (WTST) at the Bellville campus, Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). To complete the seven-month programme, the students move to site this February for the two month in-service training; assigned to South African wind farms with Nordex installed turbines the students will be mentored by WTST professionals working directly in the field.

AltGen Consulting has supported the development of the WTST programme through external evaluation of the MerSETA supported pilot programme and continues the work with GIZ SAGEN, enabling capacity development for the duration of 2017 and tracking the career development and professional progress of South African WTSTs. By aiding cross collaboration and increased dialogue between all stakeholders, we hope to ensure the best outcome of the programme and uptake of the students into the wind industry of Africa.

To date, twenty-nine WTST students have enrolled in the SARETEC programme, eleven are certified WTSTs, and nine out of eleven were offered full time positions as WTSTs following in-service training. SARETEC will welcome the third group of students in February 2017 and a fourth in August 2017 to further support the wind industry and growing renewable energy mix in South Africa. Contact SARETEC for information or future application deadlines.