Solar O&M service provider SWP sewing PPE

AltGen provides Workplace Management Services to O&M clients and project owners’  for support on their solar projects based in the Northern Cape (a total capacity of over 110MW+).

On behalf of the client, we employed over 220 of their staff. AltGen’s project team are actively involved in the day-to-day activities of the workforce, ensuring our client’s workforce produces optimal outputs while adhering to expected procedures. We take care of the most challenging aspects of effective operations – people. The project team consists of an Operations Manager, General Manager and HR Administrator and 4+ support staff.

Our staff complement is split into two working groups. One is a project site-based team (general up to semi-skilled workers), and the other is community workers under AltGen’s “Solar Works Programme”. The programme provides services to the community as well as to the project itself. The goal of the programme is to upskill the local workforce. This enables them to learn entrepreneurial skills or provides them with an improved work ethic. This improves their opportunities for future employment.

Interested in learning more about the impact we have made in the Northern Cape? Watch our video!