As a result of an initial focus on Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) in South Africa in 2012, AltGen was successful in providing expert services to a majority of EPCM’s, Developers, Engineering Consultancies, and Asset Managers. AltGen offers contingency as well as retained recruitment services.


AltGen Employment Services is a complete Business to Business HR Solutions provider. We assist with the entry of local as well as international engineering, sales and general services entities into the African energy and engineering markets. We take care of the nitty gritty of in-country compliance as well asHR process systems. These services become vital for clients who have experienced a recruitment freeze but yet need swift employment. Talent Acquisition Solutions


One of the challenges of the IPP’s ED commitments is how to create meaningful jobs. This is where AltGen’s Workforce Management Programme can help because our goal is to take on the labour-intensive project activities on behalf of the client.


Our programme consists of 5 one-on-one coaching sessions with an experienced, accredited coach. Our coaches are based around the world, accredited with the ICF, and trained in NeuroScience as well as advanced coaching techniques. Talent Acquisition Solutions


Our goal is to help where we can and as a result we connect “Tech-Talent” in the Renewable Energy space to clients who have openings in their firms. If you’re looking to use our network of professionals in the cleantech space, please contact us to find out more about the service as well as how your company can get in touch directly with these skills.


As industry leaders, it is our duty to encourage youth to create careers in the renewable energy and sustainability industry. We will do our part for the people as well as our planet by offering your firm the chance to advertise your internship and graduate programme vacancies FREE on our JOBS PAGE! Talent Acquisition Solutions


Talent Acquisition Solutions

E-mobility | Energy Storage | Solar Thermal & PV | Micro-grids | Wind | Hydro | Biomass | Biogas | Geothermal | Landfill Gas | Cogeneration |  Waste | Wastewater Treatment

Talent Acquisition Solutions

Clean Cooking | Smart Grids | Smart Automation | Energy Management | Energy Efficiency | AI | IoT | Cleantech | Cyber-physical Systems | Hydrogen

Talent Acquisition Solutions

Carbon Accounting | ESG | Private Equity | Venture Capital | Impact Investments | Blockchain-Enabled Tech | Fin-Tech | Asset Management

Talent Acquisition Solutions

Vertical Farming | Greenhouses | Aquaculture | Hydroponics | Aquaponics | Biotechnology | Controlled Environments | Irrigation | Smart-Tech | Cannabis


Renewable Energy Recruitment Agencies

As the Senior Energy Advisor of GIZ-SAGEN with 20 years of experience in the renewable energy field , I can personally vouch for AltGen’s project management timeline and contract management, in-depth engagement as well as the value system in which they operate. I can confirm that AltGen has upheld the highest standard of ethics during their assessment of the Wind Energy Service Technician (WST) training course. Through engaging with industry experts, trainers, and site visits, AltGen has proved that they are indeed renewable energy experts.

Renewable Energy Recruitment Agencies

To date, AltGen has provided excellent service in the execution of their duties. It is clear that AltGen always adheres to the timelines proposed as well as outputs required in the contracted arrangement. I am happy to be able to recommend them unreservedly.

Renewable Energy Recruitment Agencies

I believe that AltGen is a leader in the field of renewable energy in Africa. They have gained and shown a deep understanding of context and the related issues through meaningful engagements. Furthermore, the AltGen consultants proved to be experienced in project management. A special mention to their high-quality reporting outputs, timeline, and contract management. Their overall level of professionalism, initiative and strong work ethic are also strong points that are highly commendable. 

Renewable Energy Recruitment Agencies

In our dealings with AltGen, we have found them to be knowledgeable on the wind industry in South Africa. A consultancy that has always delivered work that is of the highest quality and value to SARETEC. AltGen always delivers on what they have committed to and because of that we are happy to be able to recommend them. 


AltGen is able to provide a number of verifications or background checks for companies looking to hire. Below are the checks and verifications we can offer your firm. Need a quote? Contact us!

  • ID, South African Qualifications & Credit Checks

  • International Qualifications Checks

  • Criminal Checks