The Tech-Talent Exchange was established as a response to COVID-19 and the impact on employment opportunities and job security for the youth in the renewables and sustainability industries. AltGen’s goal is to help companies connect to young bright minds who are passionate about climate change.


The reality is AltGen is receiving hundreds of applications from unemployed technical, sales, and other (RE related) skills as the economic bite of COVID-19 takes hold. We need to assist where we can. Our end goal is to kick-start the African economy. We are offering the Tech-Talent Exchange service FREE of charge to firms in the renewable energy space.

If you are looking to leverage our network of professionals in the clean-tech space, then contact us today! We can provide more info about this service and how your company can get in touch directly with these skills.

Please note that this solution is offered willingly and freely. We cover the overheads internally so there will be a wage/salary cap on the roles that we can assist with.


Our objective is to help where we can. We connect “Tech-Talent” in the renewable energy space to clients who have vacancies in their firms.

Please note, we are just launching this free service and we are in a job-starved environment right now. Please do not always expect a direct response from us straight away. We would love to connect with each and every one of our applicants but this is not always possible. We advise regularly keeping an eye out on our jobs page and LinkedIn company page for any vacancies that clients post on our job board.

Alternatively, upload your details on the Tech-Talent Exchange online form and we may be able to assist in finding you a job opportunity in the near future!