One of the challenges surrounding the IPP’s ED obligations is how to create meaningful jobs. Not only is it our duty to ensure that work becomes meaningful, but that it opens the door to entrepreneurship and long-term employment stability.

  • The project site does not require the number of staff that the bid requirements list
  • Site Managers find it difficult to focus on core operations while additional staff on-site need to be kept busy
  • Finding local skills in an unfamiliar territory
  • Sourcing hiring and onboarding local labour is time-consuming
  • Unskilled labour is not workplace ready
  • Each client receives a dedicated project-based team
  • An all-encompassing HR Management and Advisory Service will be provided to your Management Team
  • Enables you to focus on core activities
  • Transparent fixed management fees
  • Ensure ED reporting compliance
  • You will have an active presence in the community through direct, real community upliftment
  • Execution of recruitment plan, employment contracts, payroll processes, and disciplinary procedures
  • The creation and implementation of a Workplace Skills Plan per EWSETA requirements



We began our Solar Works Programme in late 2020. The Programme has 100+ staff working at various sites in the Northern Cape. Of special note are projects where employees that are trained by our professional seamstress trainer have gone on to manufacture full-spec retail-grade PPE that has then been supplied to the Power Plants that we supply labour to. This is especially relevant in instances where “project-based activities” are required by the client.

The goal of our Solar Works Programme is to develop local community members’ skills and provide them with the tools and work ethic to become employable. With the right entrepreneurial skill sets in place, community members can provide services to the IPP’s operating in the local municipalities.

Through a collaborative community approach with our clients, we have carried out projects such as seamstress training, installing food gardens, providing support to old age homes, assisting at post offices and cleaning schools & police stations.