This is where African renewable energy companies can gain FREE access to a rapidly growing database of technicians, installers, and sales staff who are looking for jobs. AltGen is developing an online “Tech-Talent Exchange”.

The reality is that AltGen is receiving hundreds of applications from unemployed technical, sales, and other (RE-related) skills, and we need to assist where we can. With an end goal to kick-start the African economy, we are offering the Tech-Talent Exchange service FREE of charge to firms in the renewable energy space. So, if you are looking to leverage our network of over 20,000 professionals in the clean-tech and sustainability spaces,

Please note that this solution is offered willingly and freely, and we are covering the overheads internally, so there will be a wage/salary cap on the roles that we can assist with.

Around 60% of candidates are seeking new employment directly through job boards, with 1 in 6 external hires made in this way. After finding a job opening, 64% of candidates said they research a company online.

If you have an individual/team who is able to screen and respond to applicants, and the following  job description then you are ready to post on our board:

  • For a role in the renewable energy, clean tech, or sustainability industries;
  • With a salary of no more than R17K per month